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Cullen Welch

Role: Human | 1988 -2020

Distinctions: Optimizer | Explorer | Photographer | Sustainability Proponent | EV Enthusiast | Van Lifer | Trail Ultra Marathoner | SCUBA Dive Master | Pilot-in-Training | Volunteer | Snowboarder | Climber | Ironman | Sailor | Ocean Researcher | Product Owner | Material Planning Coordinator | Logistics Analyst

Strengths: Tenacity | Limit-Testing | Adaptability | Logic

Missions: Earth Sustainability | Interplanetary Exploration | Balance | Inspiration | Decency

Vision: 'Do one thing every day that scares you.' - Mary Schmich

Cullen is an Explorer with three big ideas in mind: Earth sustainability, interplanetary exploration, and visual storytelling. As such, you might as likely find him aboard a scientific research vessel in the mid-Atlantic as in a rocket development hangar in central Texas.

He began his professional life in the aviation industry, building on a passion for international travel and photography. His journeys through 57x countries led into other adventurous domains such as Arctic SCUBA diving, ocean sailing, private piloting, volunteer teaching abroad, and marine conservation research. He has leveraged his Industrial & Systems Engineering academic background in a variety of fields, most recently as an Agile Product Owner in data services and previously as a Material Planner for SpaceX, identifying deeply with the vision to make humanity multiplanetary.

Currently, Cullen works in the Education space supporting remote learning opportunities for educators and students during the Covid-19 pandemic. He lives minimally and on the go, with plans to continue solar-powered van life, trail ultra marathoning, and outdoor education with the Colorado Outward Bound School. He hopes to maintain and expand his involvement in the areas of environmental conservation, aerospace, and creative storytelling.

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